Child Abuse - Thursday, July 18, 2002

I was reading the latest TIME magazine and there was an article about a little boy who had been beaten while in the child protective services care in Florida. It had a lot of political crap about how this was affecting Jeb Bush and his re-election hopes. But the important issue was reforming the social services in Florida so that children don't slip through the cracks as they had on previous occasions.

They were supposed to be monitoring him due to child abuse allegations, but they didn't. His case worker was scheduled to be checking on him, but on the days that she did go, he was never there, and on days she *supposedly went*, she lied and fibbed on the paperwork. Well, on a day she had supposedly went, and *saw* that he was happy and smiling, a man who was watching him beat him to death (just because the little boy infant had soiled himself) and then wrapped up his body and threw him in a ditch.

There was reported abuse before, but because this social worker never saw the boy, it was all unsubstantiated. If she had only done her job, that beautiful little boy would still be alive. It makes me sick how adults fail children this way.

I held my sons a little longer last night.


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