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Thursday, September 19, 2002

I went to the interview today. It was very disappointing. The interviewer, Melany, had a major crisis, and she needed things done...TODAY. (her words) So she was on the phone the first ten minutes I was there. I kept smiling and successfully stopped myself from fidgeting. I tried to appear oblivious to her rather...strong telephone conversations. When she got off the phone she introduced herself, and I introduced myself. I started the handshake, and I think she liked that. We walked to her office, and within one second the phone was ringing and she was having arguments and stressing out. I smiled sympathetically and another 5-10 minutes passed. She finally got off the phone and said, 'this is how things are around here.' She gave me a brief description of the job, and asked if I could work the hours they wanted. I said I could and that was all. I expected more, but she got right back on the phone. She told me they would call me back for a second interview if I was one of the pe

Jobs & Rugrats - Wednesday, September 18, 2002

It feels like I am starting my first day of school again. My clothes are all neatly laid out for tomorrow. There are butterflies in my stomach, and I sorely want my interviewers to like me. It all depends on me, and that pressure has always been hard to take. I want to give a good impression. I will try to be friendly, yet professional. If I can just get my mind and body to cooperate. I am having images of myself saying something stupid, or being unable to speak. *shakes head* Now that the being employed full-time is in the picture again, I am saddened. These past few weeks with my children have been wonderful. They have bonded with me in a way that I hadn't felt in months. When I would go to work every day, I would see their affection for their caregiver, and feel envy and longing for their complete love and adoration. I hated leaving them, but now that I know them even more and have seen all the new things that they have learned, leaving them now will be like tearing off a lim