Flowers and the Universe - Entry for November 07, 2006

Looking around my office at work, there are two distinct themes: space and flowers. On both computers in my office, I have pictures of planets and one super nova. And on the walls are flowers that I have drawn or that I relieved from an old calendar.

There really is nothing to connect the two except my love of their esthetic beauty.

From my art, one can see that I like stark backgrounds. Space is the ultimate backdrop for our existence. Stars and planets seem to be hung on invisible strings and I find it so beautiful. To know that our small solar system is hung up among so many others is awe inspiring. I wish I could be like the characters in the sci-fi books that I read and travel among the stars. My fascination with science fiction truly has nothing to do with my appreciation of the beauty that is space, but it does give me a way to imagine myself being there.

Flowers, while small, hold that same effect for me. They evolved into these beautiful and delicate life forms for the sole purpose of being beautiful enough to attract a meandering bug or bird. Flowers faintly cry out to these creatures and say, "love me, eat from me, taste of me so that I may grow again somewhere else." They may litter someone's yard or fill a field with their fragrance, or like in my office, pose in their plastic and print reproductions, but which ever way I see them, I love them.


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