A Flying Cat - Entry for November 13, 2006

Another amazing video I will not click on is flashing before my eyes as I write this post to my blog.

I had an eventful and tiring day. Totally blushed out a few times at work. [this means that I was embarrased to the point where my cheeks became flushed and red -- oddly enough, I actually felt one of them creeping up my face today]

I am the consummate people pleaser. If I created something new or pretty, I want to show someone.

As Lisa Simpson once said, "Grade me! Look at me...evaluate and rank me! Oh, I'm good, good, good, and oh so smart! Grade me!"

That's how I feel sometimes. I don't do it to be pretentious or make other people look bad. I love being the best at something [everything]. I know that I should not be like that because when I do fail, I take it personally. Then I try even harder till I am stressed and sad. Maybe that is why I stayed in my relationship so long with my ex-husband. I kept trying and trying even when it was killing me inside.

All the while, sometimes I just long for someone to hold me and caress me. My girlfriend *N* used to come up to me at work and play with my hair. If I were a cat, I would have purred. I need stuff like that, and it's not happening. Even my kids don't want to cuddle much. They are so boyish. They would rather be Ninja Turtles and kick at each other *sigh*

But aside from all THAT, I feel rested and wonderful for the most part. My throat still has a resident by the name of Bert the Frog. He doesn't leave. I will have to get some Vick's Throat Spray or something.

All in all, a very boring post.


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