On illogical hate

This weekend I was chatting in my usual chat room, and I was confronted by a horrible truth: it does not matter how intelligent one appears nor how nice one appears to be, hate can exist in anyone.

A chatter I respect for his intelligence and seemingly kind disposition was spewing hate towards homosexual people. As a former military man, he was voicing his opinion on whether gay men should be allowed in the armed forces. He was adament that they should not be allowed in the military because a relationship between two men in the same group could reduce the combat readiness of this group should emotional issues distract. He said the same thing about women in the military.

I noticed that he had a blog on his chat profile so I went to read some of it. When I started reading it, I was startled by the vehemence with which he discusses homosexual people. The first post I read was about the use of derrogatory terms in reference to gay men and women. The gist of his argument is that because homosexuality is a sin, then it is not wrong to use derrogatory terms to refer to the "sinners." That they deserved to be called the ugly words because what they were doing was wrong. In another post, he went as far as to state that he was a contributing financially to an organization whose sole purpose is to stop homosexual people from obtaining equal rights in regards to marriage.

In the chat room, another chatter who obviously did not agree with this man was asking him what reason he had to believe that homosexuality was wrong. The answer was that the Bible, and thus ultimately God, said that homosexuality is wrong and immoral. The other chatter then asked if the Bible never mentioned a thing about homosexuality, then what reasons would there be to dislike or condemn homosexuality. The man said there were no other reasons he could readily state but that arguments could be made about the propogation of the spieces. He then said that moral and religious reasons were enough for him to believe homosexuality was wrong.

How could a seemingly intelligent person believe and think this way? Religion has long been abused by people to further their agendas and prejudice. One cannot say "God told me so," or "the Bible says so" to justify their actions. There has to be a true and legitimate factual reason for something to be wrong. Murder is wrong because it infringes on a person's right to exist. Physical and sexual abuse is wrong because it hurts and damages another person and thus hinders their right to exist peacefully. Homosexuality does not hurt anyone. There are all kinds of people who just happen to be homosexual. Just like there are heterosexual promiscuous people, there are promiscuous homosexual people. Just like there are heterosexual couples that love each other and are monagomous, there are homosexual people that love each other and are monagomous.


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