Stupidty Reigns in this Kingdom - Entry for November 02, 2006

I will never learn how to read people.

I was working with a mortgage lender and they promised me a lot of things. I got the documentation to prove it. So, on the day of signing (after I had spent the money that would have normally been used for the mortgage), it turns out that everything was different. From the fee amounts, to the cash-out, and to the length of the loan. EVERYTHING. Unless someone can miraculously pop out of my crappy life and give me money, I saw no other option but to sign the loan documents.

Of course, in a few months I can also refinance, but just getting duped again and being played for a fool was humiliating. The notary they sent to my house stared wide-eyed at the big discrepancy between the numbers I was given (which I showed her), and the numbers on the loan.

So, again, Vanessa + Stupidty


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