Amidst Paper Mountains

I am quite sick at the moment. I have not been truly sick like this for a long time. Don't get me wrong, I get tummy-aches and generally feel awful, but what I am feeling now is an overall miserableness. I have a fever, my head hurts, my throat feels swollen, the tip of my nose is rubbed raw because I have been blowing it so much. I left work early so I could rest a bit.

[In an interesting side-note, I am so congested that when I blew my nose, air popped out of the side of my eye and fogged the inside of my glasses. That has happened twice now. Yes, gross, I know.]

This brought to mind a nice memory. I used to have huge tonsils that would act up several times a year. I would get so very sick with throat pain and fever. Yes, this memory is a nice one. Bear with me. I had been dating my ex-husband for a couple of months and we still had not kissed. Remember, I was only 13 at the time. Well, he had never seen me get sick with tonsillitis before. I was in the daybed that was in our living room, and he was looking down at me, putting a wet cloth on my forehead. Then he leans down and kisses me. Mind you, I was miserable and could not breathe with my mouth, but it was still a wonderful experience. My first kiss was stolen when I was too sick to resist it.

I got mad afterward. I wanted my first kiss to be romantic or at least when I was more conscious. But it was a touching moment nonetheless.



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