It Was Quite A Beautiful Christmas - December 25, 2006

The day started off cold. I guess I forgot to turn on the heater during the night. I had promised my sons that as soon as they woke up they could open their presents, but they had to wake me up first. There was a loud, "boom, boom, boom," at my door. My older son Micael was calling to me. "Momma, wake up!" I don't think he has ever knocked quite so loudly. So, I rush out of bed because I was just as excited as they are at the prospect of Christmas presents.

As soon as I get my house dress on and open the door, the boys shoot down the hall to the living room. I sit on the couch and watch as they decide which gift to open. I was nervous that they would not like their gifts.

Several gifts later, I watch them gravitate to the gifts they like most. Funny enough, they play with all of them. They have the puppets on their fingers as they play with the cars their Dad bought them, and they wanted me to set up the puppet theater so they could see it. They loved their movies. Micael had wanted the animated "Star Wars: Clone Wars" and Eleazar had wanted the "Shark Boy and Lava Girl."

We watched the Star Wars cartoon first. All the while, they are looking around at their presents. (They even put on the new jeans their Dad bought them.)

As I write this post, it has been 4 hours since they opened their gifts, and they are still happily playing. I feel content and happy that they got a Christmas they will remember and be happy about.



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