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The Garden - March 24, 2007

I have discussed my garden a bit, but I wanted to let everyone know that it is doing beautifully and holding up well in the heat. The picture above is of a Jubilee New Zealand Tea Tree. It has delicate, pink flowers. I have two in my garden. I planted several ranunculuses, in different colors, and purple and Red Fox (Sun Yellow) osteospermums. I also have two Pink Princess Escallonias (or Escallonia x exoniensis "Fradesii"). The ground between these plants is pretty bare as they are still very young, but I hope that they will spread a bit and I can increase my garden to include other flowers. I have installed two trellises on two archways that are in the entryway to my home. I will buy some climbing vines to plant underneath the trellises. There are some pictures in my albums called "Garden." I know it is not the most beautiful thing in the world, but it has brought me a lot of joy.

And she scribbled madly - March 4, 2007

Writing can be such a laborious task for me. The inspiration to write comes at various times of the day. I can be watching a news cast on the television or a listening to the radio, and a rapid succession of thoughts hit my brain, and I think what a nice blog they would make. But I forget, or, more often than not, I think that perhaps I do not have enough knowledge in the subject to write a credible piece. What are left are journal entries about my thoughts and fears, and this, I believe, can become tiresome. My need to feel authoritative on a subject is perhaps why I did so well on essays in school. I cannot be content writing on a subject unless I truly know it. So I would often get the required scholarly sources, but I would also read on the subject on my own from other "non-scholarly" sources to get a feel for the subject. It is easier to form an opinion on something once you get to see an event or subject from all angles and not just facts. Another problem I fi