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For Sale

MY HOME IS OFFICIALLY FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!! The realtor drove up from Los Angeles and put the For Sale sign up today. It is such an exciting and frightening time for me. They went through my home, and I could see all the flaws. I am going to fix them as soon as I can. But overall, I am proud that I have been able to keep my home looking nice even though I am a mom and on my own. On Saturday, I spent the day looking at houses and condos with the realtor and my cousin. It was very informative. It solidified my desire to move. My cousin and I had the realtor laughing the whole time. She and I are so good together. She was my best friend as a kid and I am going to love living near her. What am I doing? I have no doubts that I want to move and that I need to sell my house, but there are moments when I am overwhelmed and overjoyed. What will life be like for me there? Will I make more friends, will I like my new job? WHAT the hell am I doing? I have to make a lot of things work right now.