May I Have This Dance - Entry for April 6, 2008

we two-step across the floor
in unpracticed synchronicity
traveling into a strange land
arms moving up even stranger torsos
madly wild kisses strewn on the face
of today's love
as we dance to the victory of youth
we care not about bills and mortgages
like our aging parents
or about time-clocks and whistles
urging the tired to their starting marks
or for others
the sagging walk home
we are at the cusp of those things
and the stench of it is close enough
to make us recoil
but not enough to scare us
out of each other's arms


  1. Also, I'm not really Bob Jenkins or whatever. He's hanging upside down in the freezer and I've assumed his identity :D

  2. Hmm, apparently I'm technologically challenged. I should apply to microsoft and sue them for discrimination when they don't hire me.

    Anyway, an earlier attempt to leave a comment went something like this:

    Hey Shellz. Just got your message about switching from 360. Dunno what kind of shinanigans led to all the drama but I guess I'll read about it in the blog :) btw, ur purdy in your new where's the friggen emotes so I can blush proper...#!*$#*&


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