Remember there are always worse things . . . .

Just when I think that my life is bad or my sadness is too great, I read the news and realize I'm just a whiney baby who has no cause to feel so depressed. I was going through a crying spell and decided to do what I do when I get upset: I read the news. The world is such a curious place that I'm usually wrapped up for a block of time reading a story, researching tidbits I learned, or reading further clarifications. It's not that I am specifically looking for stories that make my life seem better, but as all you perusers of the news know, the articles are rife with negativity.

This evening, I read an article about 29 children dying in a fire at a daycare in Sonora, Mexico.

They also confirmed today that the body of the little girl found on the banks of a river in Michigan was the 5-year-old girl, Nevaeh Buchanan, who went missing on May 24, 2009.

I also read the uplifting and heart-wrenching story of Betty Makoni, who is a survivor of rape as a child in Zimbabwe.

So many parents out there lost their beloved children...the Mexican parents, the mother in Michigan, and the children who were robbed of their innocence in Zimbabwe, and here I am sitting, crying, with my two healthy beautiful boys sound asleep in their beds, my relative health, my prosperity. I have no right to be depressed. I have to seize each day with joy, zeal, and gratitude. I will no doubt still feel sad, but I do realize that I have so much to be happy for.


  1. You have the right to be depressed. You have any right. You even have reasons too. Everybody has. Unfortunately (?), no one has ever felt better because there were people in the world in worse situation than their own.

    Yet I agree with you: despite sadness and difficulties, as everybody has in their life, you are relatively lucky. There is no war inside your country. You have a house and a job. You are smart and gorgeous. You have two beautiful sons, a family, friends, and certainly also a lover somewhere, that you don't know yet but is waiting for you to meet. Best wishes.

  2. I do have so much, and I am generally a happy person. I find it is when I am not feeling as happy that I write. Strange how it works out that way.


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