Pat Robinson - Towing the Line

This is my response to a comment my friend made regarding Pat Robinson's most recent debacle regarding why he thought that Haiti was stricken by earthquakes.

Pat Robinson said:

"And you know, Kristi, something happened a long time ago in Haiti, and people might not want to talk about it. They were under the heel of the French, uh, you know Napoleon the 3rd and whatever, and they got together and swore a pact to the Devil.

"They said, 'We will serve you if you'll get us free from the French.'

"True story. And so the Devil said, 'Okay, it's a deal.’

"And, uh, they kicked the French out, you know, with Haitians revolted and got themselves free. But ever since they have been cursed by, by one thing after another, desperately poor. That island of Hispaniola is one island. It’s cut down the middle. On the one side is Haiti on the other side is the Dominican Republican. Dominican Republic is, is prosperous, healthy, full of resorts, etcetera. Haiti is in desperate poverty. Same island. They need to have and we need to pray for them a great turning to God and out of this tragedy I’m optimistic something good may come. But right now we’re helping the suffering people and the suffering is unimaginable."

Here is a link commentary about the broadcast in question. Here is a link to the video of his broadcast.

She said, "I do believe he (and those like him) are a plague on the Reputation of Christianity."

I responded with, "Reputation of Christianity? He's towing the line, and that's what is so sad. He is a plague on humanity PERIOD," and further went on to say the following:

A group of U.S. Christian missionaries went to Uganda saying they were experts on homosexuality and that homosexuals were trying to destroy the "normal" family, so they proposed laws that homosexuals should be executed. Article here.

In California, the biggest backers of Proposition 8 was a coalition of Mormon and Catholic churches. In fact, "The e-mails and other memos detail the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints' involvement in Proposition 8 -- for instance, that there was at least one LDS volunteer working in every California ZIP code." This prompted an upsurge in anti-gay violence. An article regarding their involvement is here.

During the Bush administration, and because of the Republican party's view on family planning, funding for birth control was reduced not just in this country but for Africa. Here is an article about the cuts. And here is another article.

"Bush's mammoth global anti-AIDS initiative, the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, poured billions of dollars into Africa but prohibited groups from spending any of it on family planning services or counseling programs, whose budgets flat-lined."

And most recently, there has been a backlash against a gun sight manufacturer who was putting Bible verses on their gun sights. They were under exclusive contract with the US military and used in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now the militants in those countries have one more reason to say that the United States is trying to fight a holy war - Christianity vs. Islam.

Pat Robinson is just part of a huge group of people who make this country and the Christian faith look bad. I am agnostic, but I was once a devout Christian. A Sunday school teacher for many years. I would never want to go back.


  1. Lister: They're just using religion as an excuse to be extremely crappy to each other.
    Toaster: So what else is new? --Red Dwarf, "Waiting for God"

    The notion a person can have that something they do is literally on direct request from God is purely self-delusion. People who think they're doing God's will are really just doing their own and using religion as justification.
    In Pat's case, not only is he using religion as a feeble attempt to lend credibility to an uninformed and possibly outright racist opinion, but he's out of his mind to begin with. Seriously, that's the only explanation I have for people like him. The only other possibility is that he's an attention-monger, and knows damn well that what he's saying must sound bat-guano bonkers but he doesn't mind since he's getting airtime for it.
    I love how Robinson insists that the Demonic Pact against the French is a factually true story. Admittedly, Haiti didn't take up much room in our history books, but I highly doubt that Haitians under French rule were Satanists. It just doesn't add up, somehow.

    Bible quotes on gun scopes? That's Waco levels of Wacko. I mean, Ecko on Lost carved scripture into his clubbing stick, but at least he was using it defensively when attacked by the crazy islanders. Furthermore, Lost is a bloody television show, not a current event, and certainly not a Holy War.
    The part that really gets me about Christianity, when I've talked to Jehovah's Witnesses and some of the more deeply-religious members of my own family is this concept of an upcoming war that they're in a constant state of preparation for despite the reasonably objective fact that it will never happen. Even if it does, they'll be completely useless because I would imagine that the demonic forces of Hell are nothing if they're not at least bulletproof.

    Why do religious people seem to think that the best way to inspire hope is to instill fear? I mean, Heaven is supposed to be this wonderful place, but all they ever talk about is all the wonderful ways in which people can condemn themselves to Hell. Whatever happened to positive reinforcement?

    Ugh, I should stop now....

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