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Mornings are blissful because I have no pain. My legs feel a little stiff to start out, but that fades away with the busy happenings of the morning. There are showers to be taken, lunch to be packed, children to get to school, and traffic to be battled before arriving at the office. I can work comfortably for about two hours, then the pain starts as a dull ache in my right hip. The ache lingers. I know it's coming. I take walks, and that makes it feel better for as long as I'm walking. I've walked around the business complex three times today. The pain extends its tendrils down the back of my right thigh and causes the toes on my right foot to tingle. Sitting becomes torturous, and I get up regularly before it's unbearable. I can't take NSAIDS like Advil, Aleve, etc. because of the risk of intestinal bleeding so soon after my surgery, yet I have sciatica. The pain is intense and increases as the day goes on. The hydrocodone apap (acetaminophen) prescribe