Guatemalan Sinkhole - 2010

Mankind stayed inside because that's where it's safe
The storms can't reach them behind their walls
Nor against the buttresses of their assumed safety
The winds can only flail uselessly against the glass
And the debris merely collect around doorstops and streets
To be pushed away and cleaned in the days to follow
Even when the force intensifies and the windows are shattered
And the walls and foundations crack
They know that they can tear them down
And build them again because they are secure--
Secure that Mother Earth would be there to hold them

And she tried to keep them safe:
She wanted to extend roots to tie her mass together
But they paved over the ground and put up buildings
So no tree nor bush could weave its way down
Her aged skin had formed layers that had
Taken millions and millions of years to harden
But they eroded her with pipes that led to nowhere
And drains that force fed her the soup of uncivilization
She could not shut her doors nor close her windows
She could not turn away from the storm
And she had nowhere to hide from the winds and water

The firmament shook and still they had no inkling
That their Mother Earth was failing
Until finally, under the strain of her burden, she collapsed into herself
She, the practiced magician, who could call forth trees
And could paint the landscape with flowers
She, who defiantly twirled around the sun
And boasted of eons in existence
She could not pull the floor from underneath them
In the simplest tablecloth trick, and keep the buildings intact
Her leprotic flesh, insensate to their touch, crumbled
And their storied heights tumbled into the her depths

Now mankind is afraid of Mother Earth
They who waged war against her entrails
And pumped their filth inside her yielding pores
Disregarding her needs and the soundness of her body
They call her diseased and tremble to pass her
They fear that she will swallow them again
As though she is greedy for the bodies
That will be hers one day anyway -- forever more --
When she only cries out for them to help her


  1. I love the line "drains that force fed her the soup of uncivilization."

    You're right that there really seems to be this sort of disconnect when it comes to our perception of natural disasters and/or the weather. Like you said, we can hole up inside our homes and buildings which can withstand most anything (even hurricanes and most tornadoes), but earthquakes (not to mention 300ft sinkholes 0_0 ) are a different matter because they literally shake our very foundations.


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