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A couple of people lately have commented on how lucky and how good my life is.  I don't disagree with them in sentiment.  I AM lucky and my life IS good, but it is simply a matter of outlook.  I choose to be happy with what I have, and put in hard work to have everything else. 1.   Job. I have a great job, but I work long hours and work my butt off to accomplish everything expected of me.  I am salaried, so even though I worked almost 8 hours overtime last week, I'm not getting any more money for it. It doesn't matter that I'm often the last one out of the office.   I don't care because I am proud of the quality of my work.  It shows, and THAT's why I continue to have this great job. 2.  Money. Great job aside, I still live paycheck to paycheck.  Some months are easier than others. I have hospital bills, student loans, loans I took out while I was in that hospital, car loan, insurance, rent, etc. etc.  I know the reasons WHY I live paycheck to paycheck, and