Political Bystander

Last Night's GOP Debate Was Like Bad 1950's-Style Science-Fiction

This piece was brilliantly written. Just yesterday I had to stop myself from reading articles regarding the Republican presidential candidates so I could complete a project. My public declaration read:

DECLARATION: While articles abound regarding the Republican presidential candidates, I shall not be distracted by their comedic value, sheer lunacy, nor their repugnant views. I have a proposal to finish and these things must wait! I must resist my urge to click on the news websites. Closing Facebook down until this afternoon. *game face* 

I'm beginning to think my reaction to the debates, video clips, opinion pieces and articles following the republican candidates would fall under the "bystander effect." I can't help these people see reason nor save them from their myopia. Am I watching as a spectator while these candidates eviscerate themselves for my own amusement? Are they my own political Roman gladiators --pasty, mom-jean wearing, jowel shaking gladiators-- and I'm just waiting for first blood?

I won't waste time feeling guilty because deep down and as revolting as these candidates are to me, I'm saddened to think that there are millions of voters out there prepared to vote one of them into the highest office in the land. They are offering fantasies and their visions of utopia with very little comprehension as to the impact of their policies on America as a whole.

Right now, we can all turn off our televisions and quit our news hunting, but there is a chance that one of these characters will become President one day. We will quit being the spectators and end up one of the victims laid out on the sparring floor.


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