Sisters . . .

The drive was long, the cranky children plentiful, but I got to see my sisters Violeta and Lis in the Central Coast yesterday! Raymond , Verena, Lorena, and Lenthonio are such good nieces and nephews. I'm lucky! AND I finally got to see baby Ananalie! She's gorgeous and so alert! We went to Guadalupe Beach that's just breathtaking this time of year, we went to see my Uncles and Aunts in Santa Maria, then Chuck E Cheese's, various drives around the central coast, a night at the Motel 6, and much more. Jarrod Hahn enjoyed being Tio Jarrod. *smiles*

Best of all, we found a malnourished dachshund wandering the street. Poor thing is skin and bones, has a crooked front paw that we need to get checked out, and some fresh scars on his side and bite marks on his head. He almost got hit twice by a car before we picked him up. We took him home and we're going to see if he's chipped when we take him to the vet. If he's not, we're keeping him! We've named him Clyde. He's so sweet around children and quiet. Doesn't bark at people. But as soon as he saw my sister's cat and then our cat Butterscotch at home, he went into bark mode. It's high-pitched! We're going to have to work on that if he becomes a permanent member of our family.

Fantastic weekend.


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