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Forgotten Gems

Balboa Park, January 2011 San Francisco, February 2011 San Francisco, February 2011  Copyright ©2012 by Vanessa Hahn.

Sunrise: Corner of Trask & Magnolia

Copyright ©2012 by Vanessa Hahn. 

Gender Roles & A Brother's Love

I have characterized myself as a girly girl.  I like smelling nice, wearing a little bit of makeup before I go out, wearing skirts and dresses, and hosiery and heels.  But I'm also a geek who loves designing and coding websites, reading science fiction books, comic books, artificial intelligence, true crime novels, and Battlestar Gallactica. I don't have an obsession with shoes, purses, or shopping, but I do love maps . My husband loves fixing mechanical things (helicopters, cars, etc.), playing first-person shooter RPGs, motorcycles, guns, and P90X.  But he also loves art, drawing, yoga, 3D animation, fussing with his hair, cooking (his food eclipses the variety and tastiness of my own), and is very nurturing. I love being a woman, and I know he loves being a man. But we both like things that don't necessarily fit the gender roles prescribed by society. Perhaps my desire to appear attractive is a biological instinct to attract a mate. Perhaps my definition