Clyde: A Pet's Love

OBSERVATION: I am laying in my bed and using the voice feature on my phone to dictate this blog post. Clyde, our chiweenie, has been with us for just a few weeks and he's already become a member of our family.  Right now, he's in my arms fast asleep. He craves attention and affection. He whines when we walk away from him. And to think, we found him wandering the streets alone, cold, and hungry.

I never thought I would have so much love for a pet.  I've loved them all. From my frogs and worms as a child to my adorable guinea pigs.  And of course Butterscotch. 

But Clyde has been my little buddy and the only one who is always extremely happy to see me when I get home.  He may not understand my words, but I hope he can feel my love with every scratch, pet, and kiss I give him.



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