Subjective Morality

OBSERVATION: Morality and ethics are subjective. Subjective to the era, to the society we live in, and unfortunately, to the predominant religion of the land. Some of these rules we had to learn, some we intrinsically feel. But the end effect is the same: we live in a society of rules where we have an understanding of what is wrong and what is right. Those areas of grey and opacity we have proffered up to our governments to adjudicate.

That being said, it is this subjectivity that causes conflict in countries around the world. Sometimes what we think is wrong is not aligned with the law of the land. Sometimes what we think is right is not either. As citizens of the world and whatever country you hail from, you speak up. You rally. You stand for your principals. Sometimes the other side has more to stand with them. Sometimes the other side will get their way. But if you don't say anything, you are complicit.


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