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Living Wages

DECLA-F'N-RATION: I get really tired of the notion that there is a fix it button for any type of social, political, or systemic problem. We have major social and economic upheavals happening in this country, and we need to give them time to work out the kinks and pass them uniformly across the country. History is replete with stories of major socio-economical changes ...and NONE of them happened overnight. When slavery was abolished, it took several intermediate steps, segregation, Jim Crow laws, until we had some semblance of equal treatment in the eyes of the law (acknowledging that many would argue that there are still far too many injustices). When the country was going through the Great Depression, took two New Deals and several ups and downs, and a World War to get us through. The government more than doubled their debt, increased tax rates to historical levels (that makes our 15-30+ rates look paltry), and we live in the shadows of the projects that the New Deal(s) b