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LinkedIn Recommendations: Not just for job seekers! Part I

In my last post, I shared how My Career Grew with LinkedIn . In this next post, learn when to request recommendations from colleagues and employers to use on LinkedIn – and more. Many of you have been in this position: you've made it past your first interview, and you've wowed your prospective employer (or hope you did). Then you get a phone call: you’re informed that they’ll be checking your employment history and references. After respectfully asking what the next steps are (and jumping up and down in excitement), you start calling your former employers and personal references to give them a heads up that someone from Amazing Company will call them. This is the worst possible time to ask for a recommendation. For many, it will turn out fine, but if you haven’t interacted with your previous employers in a while, or that former coworker has moved on to another company, or perhaps your reference didn't know you as well as you think they did, you may be sabotaging yo