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Pssst . . We can still see your real names!

Charlotte Proudman, a barrister in human rights law and feminist legal activist ( Pittman, 2015 ), is facing backlash over her public shaming of a man who complimented her looks in response to a connection request on LinkedIn.  She posted screen shots of his compliments on her looks to Twitter and invited public comment.  This brought to mind a post I wrote on September 19, 2014,  Pssst . . . We can see your real names on LinkedIn comments!  regarding some of the unprofessional and shocking comments posted by professionals on LinkedIn articles.  LinkedIn is not anonymous and everything we comment, write, message, or post is attached to our name. Personally, I would not have reacted as she reacted. At the very least, I would have redacted his personal information from the screen shots of his message.  But that doesn't mean she is wrong. She was very brave and willing to accept the consequences of her actions. My post, while not as brave, hopefully helps further the discussion.