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On telling kids about Santa Claus:

I've always hated outwardly lying to anyone. I feel like 1) I'm not good at it, 2) it's not a healthy habit to get into, and 3) when you are caught in white to major lies, you have to rebuild trust. I'm not saying I've never lied, merely that it's a trait I try not to foster and one I find awful in other humans who practice lying regularly. For this reason, I never told the boys their gifts were from Santa Claus, and I never said he was real or fake. My response would go something like this, "There are a lot of people who believe in Santa Claus, and there are a lot of people who don't. I would love to believe that Santa Claus was real, but I don't know." Replace Santa Claus with ghosts, deities, aliens, etc, and you pretty much have my answer on these types of questions. There is a very good reason I answered like this. All children will interact with other adults that don't know their level of belief in these things. If I said, "No