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What to watch?

Storytime. We have a Netflix subscription. We also have cable television. To this day, I get overwhelmed at the access I have to movies and shows I can watch whenever I want. I don't feel it every time, but I felt it just now when opening up Netflix to watch while I work, so I decided to evaluate the feeling and share a bit.  We didn't have cable growing up. There were years we lived in places with no television reception in the age when bunny ears, and in our case, coat hanger ears adorned most television sets. Long before digital receivers. In those days, my parents had VHS tapes of Betty Boop and Popeye. When we moved to the city, we got CBS, ABC, PBS, and Univision that played telenovelas. NBC was usually grainy. I was one of those kids that waited every year to watch The Wizard of Oz on CBS. If you missed it, that was it -- you had to wait. We also had to wait until Saturday to watch cartoons.  There was also the fact that I loved reading far more than I liked television.