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Grief is a Shadow

Grief is a that the high-noon light of living hides for a brief moment. It's there...waiting. And when the bright light of daily joys and stressors starts to dim — those long workdays, daily chores, runs to the store, doctor visits, long walks, bill payments, family dinners, and endless Uno games — it grows from the corners of the space and spreads. It's a shadow that envelops you completely until only the competing darkness of sleep takes it away. Even then, Grief may intrude upon the dream -- condensing ephemeral longing and sadness into stains on your pillowcase. The Shadow may start to fade, but as Peter Pan learned the hard way, you need your shadow. Grief is needed. It may grow and wane with each new loss until sometimes you doubt that you'll ever feel covered in light again, but it exists because you loved. I've sat with this Shadow many times..this Grief. It will not feel quite as dark as time passes. I'll embrace my sadness when the light fade